Why the drivers charged in drunk driving in the US face the problems at the Canadian border

Most of the traffic rules include the information about the punishment for those who do not adhere to these rules. The punishment has generally-preventive as well as individually-preventive goals. Generally-preventive goals is to deter the commission of violations by creating potential negative consequences for the offender. Individually-preventive goal is to prevent a repetition of the offense by applying to the offender measures that have negative consequences for him/her (the punishment itself).

Canadian law establishes strict measures against drivers convicted of drunk driving in the United States, forbidding them to cross the border of the country. Legal experts from Brampton advise the drivers from the United States to stay away from any charges associated with driving while intoxicated if they intend to cross the border and enter Canada soon. Read more how our lawyers find the best solution for criminal problems.

The country takes steps to improve safety on the roads by prohibiting the entry to those convicted of drunk driving in other countries. This prohibition is applied to all the countries, in this regard this fact is checked at the stage of issuing a visa to the country. When the US citizens cross the Canadian border, such violations are displayed on computers of the frontier guards while they are checking the passports.

Canada considers drunk driving and driving while intoxicated a serious criminal offense and it is unlikely that the border guards will show at least some indulgence, especially to people, who have got drunk driving charges just recently. The ban is applied to all the persons crossing the border, regardless of whether they are driving or not at the moment. Passengers of the vehicles should also not have charges for drunk driving to cross the border without any problems. Canadian officials also raise public awareness in the United States about their rules after Christmas holidays, during which the traffic police usually conducts intense campaign against driving a car in a drunk state.

US citizens convicted of driving while intoxicated, must undergo a probationary period and Canadian lawyers know how to make this period as minimal as possible.

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